LOSING OUT ON HAIR OR WANT A NEW HAIRSTYLE? Here is what you need to do right now

Are you losing out on your thick and voluminous hair?  Hair loss can happen due to many reasons such as physical and emotional stress, pregnancy, protein deficiency, chemotherapy or it can be hereditary. No need to worry because whether you are losing hair or want a brand new look, you can always go for a good quality wig. Maybe you always wanted a blonde head or you have always desired curls. For every look, the wigs can be a great way to experiment.


There will never be a “bad hair day” in your life after a wig and you don’t need to spend on lavish hair salons for haircuts, hair spa, and hair color. MSGlamHair is your one-stop solution for all your wig needs. You can always find Indian, Malaysian and Peruvian hair for sale here.

If you wish to buy a good quality hair wig then follow these tips to select the best one for yourself.


  • Measure head size

Just like you shop for clothes and buy the size that fits you similarly you have to measure your head size and purchase the wig that fits naturally. There are 3 sizes that come for women wigs, which are Petite, Average and Large. The majority of the women are petite or medium head sized. To get the exact measurement always consult a specialist. The measurement is done with the help of a flexible cloth or measuring tape. Most of the time the circumference of your head will give the accurate size.

  • Select Hair type

After measuring your head size, you need to select the wig hair type. You can select the hair type with three choices which are human hair, synthetic hair, and heat tolerable synthetic hair. The human hair wigs need to be taken care of just like the natural hair. You have to take proper care of them to make them last more than a year, keep them away from humidity and rain.

In thecase of the synthetic hair, you cannot use curling irons or hair straighteners on them. They last for about 4-6 months when taken proper care. If you do not want to purchase human hair wig but still want to style your wig everyday then the heat resistant synthetic wigs are the one for you. However, the lifespan of this hair type is just 3 months if worn daily.

  • Select Cap type

Now that you know the head size and have selected the hair type then you need to select the wig cap type. There are 4 choices in this category which are –

  1. Classic wigs
  2. Monofilament wigs
  3. Hand tied caps
  4. Lace frontal wigs

You can get the best quality hair extensions, wigs, and caps from MSGlamHair. They provide Indian, Malaysian, European, Peruvian Hair for sale. You can select from avariety of hair textures and densities.


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